Stairway, Rio de Janeirio

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Hidden Frames


Roger Manton

“Roger Manton paints with the camera lens. He has the critical eye of a shrewd observer, and constructs his pictures by isolating the elements of the everyday that surround us.
His achievement is to create unobtrusively harmonious pictures that are by no means purely decorative, they are a provocative vision of our time and place and the visually spectacular diversity of our universe.”

Peter Osborne, Director
Osborne Samuel Gallery, Mayfair London W1.

“Congratulations on your beautiful work. The images are very expressive and a true sign
of a very talented and attentive artist.”

Leo Bertacchini, Head of Design
Sweet+Pool, London SW1.

“These photographs are so exciting and fresh. It takes a good eye to capture such beautiful, abstract images from places and spaces that most of us would simply walk past without noticing.”

Jon Iles, Creative Director
JWT, London SW1.